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In recent years, JZCREATION has designed and developed new equipment applied to general contracting projects, such as gallery belt conveyor, cantilever telescopic stacker, belt conveyor head part telescopic device, tire conveyor, stacker, rotative telescopic ship loader, rapid quantitive weighting system, pressedbelt vertical conveyor, dry fog dust suppression system and etc. Among them, the gallery belt conveyor, pressed beltvertical conveyer, belt conveyor shifting head and other new products (over ten in total) have passed the appraisal of Science and Technology Department in Henan Province and identified as leading technologies in China. All the products above have been successfully applied in general contracting projects involving various industries. JZCREATION has contracted projects in Asia, South America, North America, Oceania, Europe and Africa, including countries such as Outer Mongolia, Turkey, Qatar, Iran, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Sweden,Guinea and etc. It has offices in Indonesia, Pakistan, India, Myanmar and Vietnam. JZCREATION has subsidiaries in the United States and Malaysia, where local engineers and technicians are employed. These all have improved the competitiveness of JZCREATION in the international market.

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