Under terms of a long cooperation with the manufacturer of the drying equipment UV+IR ENGINEERING (www.uvir.co.za), South Africa, JSC «BMH RUS» supplies infrared kiln driers to the Russian market.

UV+IR ENGINEERING was found 1978, the company specializes in project development, erecting and technical maintenance of the infrared and ultra-violet equipment. We can offer the drum kiln driers and vibratory driers for using in the mining industry .

Infrared drum kiln driers

Main components of the drum kiln drier are: a drum, a feed box, a discharge box, infrared heating system, forced-air system and automated control system.

The rotating drum has a hexangular form that allows the most efficient transport and heating of the material inside the drum. The casing of the feed box has a charging chute inside it, there are also the ventilation tubes for cooling of the inserts and sensors. The discharge box provides the control of the material discharge to the next stage and indicates the temperature of the material by coming out of the drier. The forced-air system is meant for the final drying and cooling of the material.

Infrared vibratory kiln driers

Infrared vibratory kiln driers consist of the feeder, chute dewaterer, heating zone with infrared inserts, ventilation system and the automated control system.

The feeder is used for delivery of the ore from the feeding chute; it works with the maximal speed to provide a regular single-layer feeding to the chute dewaterer along the whole length of the chute. The main function of the chute dewaterer is removing the superfluous water from the ore material before its drying. The efficiency of the drying process depends on the time of infrared influence coming from the infrared inserts. From the feeder’s side there is a cooling system with ventilators to cool the material and evaporate the rest of the water out of it.

The most important parts of any drying process are control and monitoring. UV+IR ENGINEERING offers half-automated drying control systems and fully automated control systems with PLC (programmable logic controllers) as well as fully computer-assisted command system.


The equipment UV+IRENGINEERING gets fully audited on 3 radiation bands of ultra-violet and has all needed safety certificates, which are provided for every piece of equipment.